Jürg Frey

In much of Frey’s music, achingly Romantic harmonies drift to and fro, as if a Mahler Adagio were suspended in zero gravity. In the Second Quartet (1998-2000), bows barely touch the strings, and pitches are blurred by eccentric fingering. Minor-mode harmonies emerge, but they have a whispery, spectral character. . . . . — Alex Ross, “The Composers of Quiet,” The New Yorker


120 Pieces of Sound


This album '120 Pieces of Sound' contains two of Jürg Frey's significant compositions: 60 Pieces of Sound and L’âme est sans retenue II.

60 Pieces of Sound was composed by Jürg Frey in 2009 and performed by Jürg Frey and Ordinary Affects (Morgan Evans-Weiler, Luke Martin, Laura Cetilia, J.P.A. Falzone) at Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT on November 10, 2017. L’âme est sans retenue II was composed and edited by Jürg Frey for field recordings and bass clarinet in 1997-2000, with Frey on bass clarinet. Artwork by Jürg Frey, design by Yuko Zama. ​4-panel gatefold wallet. Limited edition of 500. ​​