Jürg Frey

The composer Jürg Frey, one of the most distinct voices in contemporary music (...) 

“Elemental Realities” was stylistically more radical than other works on offer at the festival; at the same time, it was more assured in its formal control.
Alex Ross “The Otherwordly Harmony of Jürg Frey", The New Yorker , October 29, 2019 

Borderland Melodies
Apartment House
Another timbre

Lieus d'ombres
3-CD box
Reinier van Houdt, piano

I Listened to the Wind Again
Hélène Fauchère, Carol Robinson, Nathalie Chabot, Garth Knox, Agnes Westerman, Sylvain Westerman

Short film on Jürg Frey's I Listened to the Wind Again